What is the Easiest Way to Learn Piano?

Chances are, you want to find out what is the easiest way to learn piano either for yourself or for someone else like your child and don’t know where to start or what a second opinion and that’s where we want to help.

You have the dream, so we’ll provide the knowledge you need to achieve it. Just sit back, relax, and soak in the material that follows.

After reading this article, you’ll enjoy a broad perspective of all the options available. You’ll also be able to choose the method that suits YOUR life the best, one that matches your goals, budget, time, and other variables.

In the end, you’ll be ready to take action, putting your fingers to the keys and tickling those ivories. Let’s dive in!

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When wanting to begin learning piano the first thing to look for is a great teacher.

Once we choose a teacher, we schedule lessons and begin on potentially a lower quality piano.

Choosing The Right Instrument

You can’t drive without a car and you can’t play baseball without a bat and glove. In the same way, you can’t play the piano without a keyboard. But what kind of keyboard will you choose? An acoustic piano or a digital one?

Acoustic pianos stand out as the traditional choice, whether upright or spinet, studio or grand. They offer real mechanical action, give you fuller control of the sound, and produce superior tone and timbre.

So when you press the keys, you can “feel” the small vibrations as the felt hammers strike the metal strings, you can hear the acoustic reverberations of the sound, and you can shape the sound with the pedals as a potter shapes wet clay.

Even so, digital pianos offer exclusive benefits that acoustic pianos fail to provide. They are portable and slim, whereas acoustic pianos are obnoxiously heavy. Digital keyboards do not need tuning, which can be expensive, and are immune to fluctuations in humidity.

They feature volume controls and headphone jacks that equip you to practice in privacy without disturbing people around you.

What is the Easiest Way to Learn Piano – Online or In-Person

With the Internet, we can now learn via online lessons when needed and can communicate online, which is great if you have any further questions.

These developments carry terrific advantages providing you with interactive, graphical interfaces that can accelerate your understanding which may be especially captivating for children.

Despite these advantages, technological innovations carry potential disadvantages as well.

Online lessons don’t always have the same effect as in-person lessons and can be harder for the teacher to explain.

Furthermore, learning piano via technology may diminish musical artistry, portraying piano playing as nothing more than a technical exercise rather than an adventure in artistic expression.

So, while online lessons can make learning piano more convenient, learning from a studio instructor in person can make your journey more inspiring.

That being said, the choice is entirely yours and there is no one right answer. The question is not, “What is the best way to learn piano?” It is, “What is the best way to learn piano for me?”

Taking Private Lessons With An Independent Instructor

if you crave the mentorship advantages and personal accountability that a skilled instructor offers, then you should give serious thought to learning from an instructor.

So, how should you begin?

For the highest quality instruction, you should look no further than Music Lessons Academy Australia, our teachers are highly-skilled and motivated to help you learn and achieve your musical dreams.

Private instructors provide you with distinct advantages. They will offer personalized advice and answer whatever questions you may have. Private instructors will give you insightful guidance and critique regarding your posture, technique, and musicality which online lessons can be unable to provide. They can also provide more comprehensive learning than online apps can provide.

What’s more, some teachers can provide you with performance opportunities like occasional group masterclasses and public recitals, expanding your personal development.

With all of these advantages in view, the greatest disadvantage (and obstacle) to learning from an instructor will be the cost to maintain having lessons for a sustained amount of time.

Taking Private Lessons Online

The advent of online webchat and video conferencing technology has opened up a new wave of possibilities for keyboard instruction.

All you need is a webcam, microphone, internet connection, and piano or keyboard on both sides. You can even use an acoustic piano!

Our online lessons are charged at a 10% discounted rate to our regular lesson prices. We offer online lessons to customers when their teacher cannot get to their house due to covid lockdowns.

How Long Will It Take Me To Learn The Piano?

To answer this question, you have to explain what you mean by “learn the piano.”

If you want to play “Hot Cross Buns,” then you can do that in less than a day, but if you want to play the renowned Piano Concerto #3 by Rachmaninoff, then you will need to study for more than a decade, practicing diligently for hours a day with the guidance of world-class instructors.

Chances are, you’re aiming for something in between these extremes. If learning to play the melodies of popular tunes is your goal, then you can do this in weeks or months.

If you’re aiming to play the melodies and harmonies (with both hands) of standard, midrange classical pieces, then you can expect to study for multiple years. Furthermore, the further you intend to go in your learning, the more seriously you need to consider taking lessons.

Whatever the case, you need to practice faithfully. And did I say that you need to practice faithfully?

You know the old adage, that practice makes perfect. Well it’s true. No matter what keyboard instrument and learning method you choose, these factors alone won’t give you the skills to fulfill your dream of tickling those ivories with ease.

At a minimum, reputable voices will encourage you to practice 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. More serious students will need to plan for more. Are you up to the challenge?

No magic in the world will teach you to play, but the end result of your diligence will be magical indeed both for you and for all who hear you play!

So What’s Next?

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far, which means you’re that much closer to fulfilling your musical dream. Still have questions? Enquire today at Music Lesson Academy via our email and book your first trial lesson today to begin your journey.

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