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During a stressful and uncertain year, our music students were given the opportunity to compose an original song and become a published composer.

Show your support for the amazing 18 piano entries of Music Lessons Australia’s first annual student songwriting competition, by liking and sharing their songs on Facebook, or by voting here! *Voting is now closed.

We want to give a special thanks to the parents and teachers of Music Lessons Australia for valuing musical education through the worldwide pandemic, and for continuing to inspire students to create and practice music.

First Place Prize

  • FREE Term of music lessons
    (up to the value of $1100*)
  • $100 EFTPOS gift voucher
  • FREE copy of the published 2020 student songbook

Runner Up Prizes

  • $250 voucher towards music lessons 
  • $50 EFTPOS gift voucher
  • FREE copy of the published 2020 student songbook

That’s a wrap on voting! Come back on the 21st of October for the winners to be announced!


Cast your vote by liking and sharing the videos on Facebook, or by clicking here.

Anonymous – A Winter Wish

“A pretty song, inspired by winter”

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Ben – Sunny Day

Written for his grandmother, on a sunny day.

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Beatrix – Summer

“A pretty song, inspired by summer”

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Cressy – Puppy Playtime

“A fun song, inspired by puppies playing”

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Ingrid – Magic Christmas

A pretty song, inspired by Christmas

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Maelyn – Hooray for Summer

“A happy song, to get excited about summer”

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Cast your vote by liking and sharing the videos on Facebook, or by clicking here.

Alyla – For the Alpacas & Llamas

“Dedicated to my favourite animals, Alpacas & Llamas. They come across as cute and sweet but have a tough side to them too!”

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Anonymous – Cobra Dance

Inspired by the ‘Coffin Dance’. The melody is based on the Coffin Dance theme, transposed to E minor and modified in different ways throughout the song

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Christina – The Mysterious Forest

“A melodic and classically inspired piece, inspired by mysterious and magical places”

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Claudia – Enchanted

“A melodic and fast-moving, classically inspired piece. Written to create an enchanted feeling”

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Ella – Waltz in the Meadow

“Inspired by melodic piano pieces written in minor keys”

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Eric – Hamster on the Run

“I like hamsters. Hamsters don’t go anywhere in their running wheels. But they still seem to enjoy the run. Practicing the piano can seem like a run on a Hamster wheel too, but I enjoy my practice”

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Evie – Daisy Day

Inspired by melodic piano pieces written in minor keys, and Billie Eilish”

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Jarvis – Anything In The World

“After suggesting he could compose a piece about anything in the world, he titled his song “Anything In The World”

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Jayden – Bluesy Dance Floor

“Jayden enjoys playing jazz and blues music and decided to compose a virtuosic piece in this style”

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Cast your vote by liking and sharing the videos on Facebook, or by clicking here.

George – Scales for Sale

Inspired by bluesy and jazz pieces, George composed this fun piece with glissandos and scales throughout”

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Victor – Improvisation No. 1

“Victor improvised this piece in a pop style with very little input from his teacher – this song was composed entirely on the spot!”

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Vincent – A Will To Complete

“Inspired by popular and classical styles, this is a flowing and moving piece”

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Competition Details

Who is eligible to enter the competition?

All students of Music Lessons Australia aged between 4 to 18 are eligible to enter the competition. 

There will be three age categories to compete in:

– 4 to 7 year olds
– 8 to 12 year olds
– 13 to 18 year olds


Can a student enter multiple songs in the competition?

Students are only allowed ONE song entry per year. We encourage students to create as much music as they like, but submit their best performance / song in the competition.

What are the song requirements?

Each submission must include a video performance of the students song, and the written sheet music of the song. Other than that, there are no official requirements for each song entered. Every student has the chance to compose their own song in any style they wish. Lyrics are optional but not necessary.

How does voting work?

Our 2020 Songwriting Competition is an online competition. Videos of the students performances will be released on Facebook & Instagram on the 29th September. Each like & share on social media is considered a vote. An email will be released to all students with a link to each performers post, so you can begin sharing and voting for your student.

When does voting close & the winners announced?

Voting closes on the 16th October. Votes will be counted across all social media platforms, and the winner announced on the 21st October, 2020.

How will the overall winner be decided?

There are three age categories, and the submission with the highest amount of votes from each category wins for their category. Out of those winners, the student with the highest votes overall wins the first place prize.

Where can I find the terms & conditions?

Please follow this link to find the terms & conditions for the 2020 Songwriting Competition.

2020 1
2020 2
2020 3

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Terms and conditions

Full list of Terms & Conditions




Competition Host Details:




  • Music Lessons Australia Songwriting Competition 2020 is hosted by Music Lessons Australia
  • ABN: 966 433 966 69.
  • Address: 198 Lilyfield Rd, Lilyfield NSW 2040 Australia.




Conditions of entry:




  • Only students of Music Lessons Australia from the 1st of July, aged between 4 years old and 18 years old are eligible to enter.
  • Entries are only accepted via google forms, using this link: https://forms.gle/SrcpB5arKArMZHPX7
  • Songs must be performed by the composer, and video recorded to be submitted.
  • Sheet music of the original song must also be submitted.
  • All songs must be original and composed by the student participating.
  • There are three age categories students fall under, students will select the appropriate age category for their age at submission of the video:
    • 4 to 7 year olds
    • 8 to 12 year olds
    • 13 to 18 year olds




Competition dates:




  • Competition starts on the 1st October, 2020.
  • Voting closes at midnight, on the 16th October, 2020.
  • Winners announced on the 21st October, 2020, in an online announcement. All winners will also be contacted directly via email or telephone.




Voting conditions:




  • Voting will be held online in the form of Facebook Likes & Shares, and email form votes.
  • Each Like & Share will be counted as ONE vote.
  • Each video will be published on the 30th September, 2020.
  • Students & Parents will receive an email notification about their performance being published, so the voting can begin.
  • Votes will be counted on the 17th October, 2020.
  • The highest number of votes per age category will be the finalists.
  • The submission with the highest number of votes out of the three finalists will take 1st prize.
  • The remaining finalists will win the runner up prizes.




Prize details:




First Prize




  • First prize includes 1 x $100 EFTPOS gift card for the student, 1 x free copy of the published Student Songbook 2020 is included in the first prize pack, and one free term of lessons*.
  • One term of lessons is 10 lessons on a weekly basis.
  • The winner of the free term will receive credit for 10 lessons, each lesson time the same as they had previously booked in between the 12th October to the 18th of December 2020.
  • This credit will be applied in Term 1, 2021. Between the dates of 27th January 2021, to the 1st April 2021.
  • *One term of free lessons values are based on the winning family’s rate of lessons paid from Term 4, 2020.
  • Prizes are not redeemable for cash.




Runner Up Prize




  • There are two runner-up prizes to be won.
  • Runner up prizes include 1 x $50 EFTPOS gift card for the student, 1 x free copy of the published Student Songbook 2020 is included in the first prize pack, and $250 voucher towards music lessons with Music Lessons Australia**.
  • **The $250 lesson credit is valid for lessons conducted with Music Lessons Australia between the dates of 27th January 2021, to the 1st April 2021.
  • Prizes are not redeemable for cash.




Addition terms of entry:




  • Students should be in plain clothes for the video submission, submissions where the student is in School Uniform will not be entered.
  • By placing a submission, the parents and students are consenting to the use of their video by Music Lessons Australia for the purpose of this competition and for marketing purposes.
  • Only the first name of the student will be used for all publications of the video submission.
  • The students full name will only be used in the publication of the Student Songbook 2020.