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My violin teacher, John is superb and very talented. He is very patient with his students and he cares. He specializes in violin lessons and tailors them to suit the needs of the students, which I actually consider incredible!!! You won’t regret taking lessons. I assure you =)


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We are a network of Uni Students looking for Music tutor work….

We offer you 1 on 1 home private lessons for students of all ages & levels in the convenience of your own home

If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable music tutor to come to your home – one of us will be available, & will be able to provide you a very reasonable tutoring rate.

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Music Lessons Near Me South Australia

Is Music education really important for children and adults alike? What could I get from music lessons? I love singing however my voice needs lessons first. Everyone enjoys music lessons, whether by singing to it, by playing the guitar, the flute or the piano, the bass or simply by listening to it. Our school offers lessons that will guide you from the basics to mastery. We have classes for the guitar, piano, violin, singing, the bass, drums and many more. Learning with us is unstoppable. We offer lessons in different locations around Australia. Contact us now to schedule the next available teacher!

Are you an individual looking to enrol in a music school to fulfil your dreams, have different classes, and learn to play musical instruments with driven results from professional teachers?

Music lessons offers benefits even beyond itself, music education increases academic performance and teach life long lessons applicable to daily life. Music Lessons Australia, Adelaide SA is here to support you in achieving whatever dream you may have in the instrument of your choosing. Our company is a proud member of The Australian Society For Music Education which offers lessons in Adelaide and other locations in Australia.

Our music teachers are certified friendly and engaging lessons are guaranteed in each session. We offer online lessons for guitar, singing lessons, piano, violin, flute will bring you the focus and attention tantamount to your learning. Our students enjoy one on one lessons which speeds up their progress, make lessons enjoyable, and helps them improve on musical learning. Our students can choose what’s best for them, either learn side by side with a piano teacher at home or take the lesson online. Contact us today to know the best rate available!

Here are a few benefits of having music lessons. If a student would get a musical training from a group of professional teachers, it will develop language, reasoning, memorization and coordination. Children who get early musical training develops areas of the brain related to language and reasoning.

Our studio is open for all ages of any abilities. So if you are looking for a music school in Adelaide, Music Lessons Adelaide is the best option to provide music theory lessons and guidance at the comfort of your home, or online. Our studio is officially an approved Creative Kids Provider , and has been teaching with many years of experience. Our terms of use, privacy policy and reviews are on top of this page. Contact us now to start your journey in Music!

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