With light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, businesses are preparing to return to some level of normality. For Music Lessons Academy (MLA), that means teachers visiting students’ homes once again.

And the benefits of in-person tuition will not need to come at the expense of Covid safety, according to MLA founder and CEO Kayla Caruso.

Australia is approaching an 80% vaccination rate in the fight against Covid 19, but this may not mean the end of lockdowns altogether and one music school wants students and families to know their safety is of the utmost importance.

Music Lessons Academy (MLA) visits students in their homes for face-to-face lessons, which is safer than having them travel to a music centre. On top of this, MLA is strict about health and safety, according to CEO and founder Kayla Caruso.

“Our teachers come to you, while you feel safe and secure in your own home,” Caruso said. “And it’s actually safer than travelling to meet a teacher at a music centre.

“We have all the right measures in place, like hand sanitiser, social distancing between teacher and student and masks.”

Caruso said that while MLA had successfully transitioned to virtual lessons in locations affected by lockdowns, the ability to teach face-to-face brought many benefits for both teacher and student.

For example, OECD studies have shown lessons at home to be the best option for the development of positive learning attitudes in students, as they benefit from family support and teacher enthusiasm.

“The ease of connection is the biggest one,” Caruso said. “There are none of those little lags that you get with a Zoom lesson when the sound suddenly stops and you can’t tell if the student has played a wrong note.

“And it’s easier to show technique and give good feedback when you’re in the room together.”

Caruso added that the opportunity to collaborate is essential for student development.

“Part of being a musician is playing with other people,” she said.

“For example, we’re starting a songwriting competition and being there to help the kids write their own songs is much better than doing it via Zoom.”

MLA remains well equipped to continue teaching virtually in the case of more lockdowns, and Caruso will add an extra element of flexibility around cancellations of face to face lessons due to health precautions.

“We won’t charge for cancellations due to sickness because we want our students to know their health is important,” Caruso said.

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Kayla Caruso, 23, Founder & CEO of Music Lessons Academy

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